Vadim Stain

Private training will be available by Vadim Stain from 1:00-2:00pm with additional charge, for more information please email

Coach Profiles:

Group Training for beginner:

  • Instruct players on the rules, techniques and tactics of badminton
  • Motivate players to achieve goals
  • Develop badminton athlete skills

Private Training:

  • Teach advanced strategies techniques and tactics that will improve to play the games
  • Analyst spot weakness and address those areas in order to improve players skill

Junior Team Coach at Moscow XTI (1987-1989):

  • Taught strategies, techniques and tactics of badminton
  • worked on developing general and badminton-specific athlete skills
  • Organized the Junior MXTI team and prepared for participation in tournaments


  • Started sports career in badminton at the age of 11. Attended badminton sports school at the ‘FILI’ club of High Badminton League in Moscow (USSR)
  • Member of Volunteer All-Union Sport Societies ‘Bourevestnik’ and ‘Zenith’
  • Won the Moscow Spartakiad (men’s double) and was honored with ‘Master of Sports of USSR title in 1984
  • Participated in major USSR badminton junior tournament (1976-1982) and major USSR / / Russian Federation National Tournaments (1982-1995)
  • Moved to USA in 2000

Selected Badminton Team tournament in USA:

  • Boston Open – 2011, 2nd place (men’s double)
  • Friendly Badminton Open Tournament – 2010, 1st place (mixed double)
  • NYC Team Tournament – 2008, 2nd place
  • ‘Noodle Cup’ of New York Tournament – 2004, 2nd place (men’s double)