Friendly Badminton was found in 2000 by Yuliani Sentosa (former 6th ranked world player in 90’s), Bang So Yoon (former Olympic champion in 1996) and Yongki Sukotjo/Nila Karta at First Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Elmhurst NY. This location only had two courts with total members about 30 people. In 2002 Kim Fung took over the management.
In 2004 Kim Fung joined with Wangsa Tanzil to expand the club, and in 2005 we found the 2nd location at Jamaica High School. Our members growth to almost 80 members (regular and walk-ins) with four courts. In the history, Jamaica location is the official venue for Annual Indonesian Tournament held by Indonesian Consulate General to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, and in 2014, special guest Mr. Gita Wirjawan (Chairman of Indonesian Badminton Association) came to this location for Opening Ceremony of Annual Indonesian Tournament .
With Gita Wirjawan2

Mr. Gita Wirjawan (the fourth from left)

In 2006, we expanded our location to Hoboken, New Jersey, we were the only badminton club around Hudson River area. Hoboken and Newport communities were so excited to hear about this news. Our member almost reached 75 members (regular and walk-ins) for this location only. Unfortunately, Hoboken location was closed after hurricane Sandy hit Hoboken in 2012.
After more than one year vacant in Hoboken, we opened a new location in Jersey City in May, 2014. Our members who played in Hoboken location were so excite to hear about this new location and most of them have started playing again. Most of our members are Newport/Jersey City and Hoboken residents.